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Our Design & Facilitation Service

We specialise in the design & facilitation of innovative games and simulations that reflect your business process and provide a dynamic learning experience.


A bespoke business simulation game is one of the most effective methods you can use to improve your team’s understanding and raise their performance, a bespoke solution will ensure you hit your learning targets every time.

  • Address a specific issue limiting performance in your organisation.
  • Improve the skills, attitude and ability of your staff.
  • Find a solution that really meets your needs.

Elgood Effective Learning are specialists in the design and facilitation of business simulation games. We create highly effective bespoke solutions to tackle your specific issues, working with you to develop engaging, innovative products that reflect your business and provide dynamic experiential learning for your workforce.

Where we can help

Elgood Effective Learning’s client base encompasses a wide portfolio of businesses, professional institutions and education providers, and continues to expand.

We have helped organisations to:

  • Communicate new strategic goals to increase staff understanding and enable them to adjust their actions and decision making.
  • Build commercial awareness so staff understand the actions they need to take to maximise organisational success.
  • Explain ‘how the organisation works’ so new recruits have a real understanding of the business they are joining.
  • Support students to develop ‘work ready’ skill to supplement their technical and academic skill.
  • Highlight the difference in capabilities and thinking required for those stepping into a management role.

See where we’ve already made a difference.

The full package

Whatever your requirements, we guarantee to deliver an effective and creative solution to improve performance at an individual and organisational level. As specialists in the design facilitation of business simulations, our goal is to make a positive and measurable impact on your organisation.

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Use of the Elgood facilitation service will:

  • Reduce the learning time for the purchaser.
  • Eliminate some of the uncertainty with using the unfamiliar material.
  • Provide risk-free acquisition of user skill by the purchaser.

The additional cost for a one-day facilitated event is in the region of £500.00 plus VAT and Expenses.

It is also possible to create supplementary agenda items to reflect specific issues of concern to an organisation. Prices for this service are available on request.

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Case Study


O2 uses Business Simulations to Develop the Commercial Acumen of its Store Leaders

“Commercial awareness could be summed up as an interest in business and an understanding of the wider environment in which an organisation operates: its customers, competitors and suppliers. “It might also encompass understanding of the economics of the business and […] Read More →