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Working with Elgood

You have identified a training requirement for your organisation, and have decided that experiential learning is the most effective way of improving performance. When the learning issue is specific to your business, an off the shelf solution may not deliver the results you’re looking for, but embarking upon a bespoke design can be daunting…working with Elgood is the solution.

Working Together

We offer a collaborative service to help you reach your business goals. Working together we will use the knowledge and expertise from each contributor to deliver the solution that addresses your challenge.

  • We will listen to you: taking the time to understand your culture, checking what your business challenge is and then defining it.
  • We will assess the right approach to deliver your objectives.
  • We will match your organisation with a bespoke solution that will communicate critical skills and messages to deliver your objectives.
  • We will build and deliver a bespoke management game or business simulation that is the perfect fit for your organisation.

We also offer a range of ‘ready to buy’ training games and activities that have been designed, developed and tested by us. We offer a full support and facilitation service for all our products.

Working with Elgood Process

Here’s what to expect if you work with Elgood:

Initial Meeting

Our first meeting with you and your colleagues is on a no obligation basis. We will listen to your description of the requirement and facilitate the discussion to get a clear definition of the learning objective from your group. At this stage we will also find out about the workforce who the training is targeted for, establish your timescales and budget, and make suggestions as to how we can take your project on to the next stage. Following the meeting, we will confirm our understanding of your requirement and offer some initial ideas free of charge.

Scoping Meeting

The next stage is to plan a scoping meeting with you and your key personnel to ensure there is agreement on the learning objectives, and to evaluate a number of options for the format of the business simulation game. Within 2 weeks of this meeting, we will deliver a project plan and game outline, advising you on what we believe will be the best method of delivery to meet your goals and suit the culture of your organisation. This will also give details of costings, time scales and the commitment required from all key parties. There is a  charge for this service. There is no obligation to continue if your plans change.


Once you have decided to proceed with us and any adjustments to the scoping document have been made, we will generate a first prototype of the simulation. We call this version the ‘breadboard’, using a term from electronics which refers to placing components experimentally on a blank board while functionality is tested. At this point, the first stage payment will be due, and you are free to continue, postpone or redefine the project if you choose. Once we have presented the prototype to you, we will incorporate your feedback into the next stage of the process, and generate a full trial version.

Trial and Test

The trial version is much closer to the final product, and we will arrange to deliver and facilitate a test run of this on a subset of your final audience, or if this is not possible on a proxy audience which may consist of staff from another business area or possibly colleagues from the design team. Here we can iron out any difficulties and refine the simulation to ensure we are hitting your learning targets. Again, at this point, a payment will be due, and you are free to continue, postpone or redefine the project if you choose.

Final Delivery

The final simulation is delivered and, if required we can help facilitate the first event to help you find your feet, run a ‘train the trainer’ session, or provide ongoing facilitation support. The final payment will now be due.

For further information, contact us, download this page or view our FAQ page.

Design & Facilitation

Tackle your specific issues with a bespoke business simulation game. We use our expertise in the design process to work with you to ensure you have an effective solution that really improves performance.

Our design process

Business Acumen

Develop your team’s ability to make robust decisions that support the organisations strategy. Business simulation games build knowledge, encourage the application of that knowledge and provide the key ingredient for improving business acumen – experience.

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Business Simulation Games


Create a culture where individual decision making is guided by an awareness of the bigger picture to create sustainable and successful organisations. Make the ethical dilemmas inherent in business decision-making explicit, create a healthy conversation and develop the skills required to take appropriate action.

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