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Our Company and Values

Founded in 1972, Elgood Effective Learning has over 45 years’ experience of designing, building and delivering management games and business simulations. Based in the South East and serving clients globally, our portfolio includes businesses across a wide range of industries and education providers. Our Company and Values are importance to us.

Our Values

Developing people and organisations enabling them to conquer business challenges and move forward in a positive manner.

Innovative ideas to create unique solutions that engage our clients’ management and staff.

Working together with our clients as one team using the knowledge and expertise from every contributor to develop and deliver an optimum solution.

Passionate about games and simulations and the benefit they can deliver for clients.

Working with integrity and respect to build strong relationships with all our stakeholders.

What we can do for you

Elgood Effective Learning is committed to developing people and organisations. We understand that not all businesses are the same. We guarantee to deliver an effective and innovative solution to dramatically improve performance within your organisation.

We can help your organisation to:

  • Build commercial awareness.
  • Develop ethical decision-making.
  • Communicate a change programme or new strategic goals.
  • Improve employee skills.
  • Develop an engaging induction programme.
  • Address an issue that is unique to your organisation.

We are passionate about games and simulations and the benefits they can deliver for our clients. Evidence shows that participants are more engaged in experiential learning than in traditional teaching methods and therefore the experience, knowledge and skills gained stay with them longer.

Simulations give participants the opportunity to experience the impact of their decision-making in a safe, risk-free environment. When your employees understand how your business works and what is needed for it to be successful, they will understand how their actions, decisions and behaviours can contribute to that success.

Our Products and who uses them

Elgood Effective Learning specialises in the design, facilitation and creation of business simulation games and offers a range of packaged solutions available through our online store.

Our products provide engaging and creative material to enliven your learning activities.

Our packaged simulation games are purchased by corporate training departments, individual line managers and educational establishments. They are used with a wide range of participants from students and graduate trainees and management from newly appointed supervisors to senior decision makers.

Our design and facilitation service is used by organisations where:

  • There is a specific unique need not catered for in the market.
  • The training team believe a business simulation game is the best method but have no prior experience of designing a product.
  • To find out more about the organisations we have worked with, read one of our case studies.


“Elgood Effective Learning helped us produce a very successful course for a major multi-site client. The effect of this training was that the client achieved their profit targets.”

Transcript to the Business Simulation Games video.