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Build Commercial and Business Acumen with Games and Simulations

Business Simulation Games are a highly effective method for building commercial and business acumen. They draw attention to the link between the decisions a team make and the outcomes they achieve. They develop effective decision-making skills, build individual and team competence.
Business Acumen Games and Simulations

Business Acumen Skill

Do the people working in your organisation know what drives results? Do they fully understand how their decisions impact on the long-term success of the organisation?

Business Strategy Games

Business Strategy Games

Do you have a strategy to move your team towards a desired goal? Being able to communicate that strategy will enable your team to align their actions with the overall goal.

Management Games

Management Games

You promote people with technical skills and a proven track record. To help them lead a team, develop their management skills.

Business Ethics

Values Based Decision Making

How are business decisions made within your organisation? Can you be sure they reflect the organisation’s values and are ethically sound?

Featured Games

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Case Studies

O2 uses Business Simulations to Develop the Commercial Acumen of its Store Leaders

O2 uses Business Simulations to Develop the Commercial Acumen of its Store Leaders

“Commercial awareness could be summed up as an interest in business and an understanding of the wider environment in which an organisation operates: its customers, competitors and suppliers. “It might also encompass understanding of the economics of the business and […] Read More →
London Borough Newham

London Borough Newham

Using a Business Simulation Game at Newham to assess Commercial Awareness, identify ares for development and build competency Since 2010/2011 the London Borough of Newham has faced annual funding cuts amounting to over £97m. It is facing further reductions in funding […] Read More →
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