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Management Games Video

Watch our management games video to find out how business simulations can help up-skill your employees.

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Management Games video transcript:

There is plenty of evidence to support the argument that investing in training your management teams will increase engagement, productivity and help improve staff retention.
The investment is valuable at all stages of an individual’s career, but we believe there are specific occasions where timely intervention can make a real impact on both individual, team and organisational performance.

  • Firstly, when a manager is promoted (particularly where the promotion is to their first management
    role) and they take the leap from being an individual contributor to making their contribution count
    by working through others.
  • Then later in their career when moving from being responsible for a single functional area and
    needing to gain a broader view of how the organisation works and their part in the whole.

Business games and simulations blend tried and tested theory with the opportunity for participants to try things out for themselves. This opportunity to engage with the theories and see the cause/effect relationship in a safe environment fosters real learning that can be applied once back on the day job. It also encourages teams to communicate and work together.
Research by the National Training Laboratories shows that experiential learning, learning by doing, has an average retention rate of 75%. It is much more effective than traditional methods such as a lecture or presentation (5% retention rate), or even audio-visual experiences, with a 20% retention rate.
Whether you have a group of new managers to train or a management programme for developing your future leaders, we offer a full range of business games which can be used to develop your team’s knowledge, skill and ability.