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Business Strategy Game Video

Watch our business strategy game video to find out how you can you ensure everyone has bought into your company strategy?

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Business Strategy Game video transcript:

Most organisations would claim to have a strategy, but how many can truly claim that it is a living, breathing guide for decision-making throughout the organisation?
If the strategy is truly embedded then it is the basis for all decision-making and the overall end goal is clearly understood by everyone.
One reason a great strategy doesn’t become a reality is because it doesn’t permeate far enough through the organisation. It gets lost somewhere in middle management, or maybe before that in the layer just below the senior team.
Research by the Chartered Institute of Management said “middle managers make an organisations strategic purpose a reality on the ground. They play a central role in managing and guiding people.” Yet, the same research found that many middle managers don’t feel confident in communicating their organisation’s strategy to their teams.
Engaging managers, at all levels, in a business simulation game is an effective way of building individual skills, particularly strategic thinking, and providing an experience of how business decisions are made and the compromises that are often required. A greater understanding of the strategy creation process and the balance required builds confidence and enables participants to recognise why their requests for investment and changes might not always materialise.
Research has shown that including a simulation or game in a development programme significantly increases participant enjoyment and perceived usefulness. Learning engagement is higher and practicing skills in a realistic setting aids the transfer of learning to the workplace. If you would like your management teams to embrace your organisation’s strategy, consider including a business simulation game in your development activities.