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Assessment Centre or Development Centre

Why use a Business Simulation in an Assessment Centre or Development Centre?

People are central to delivering company strategy. But it takes people with great skill and experience to deliver brilliantly, especially when commercial pressures or significant market change mount.

That’s why we work with organisations in the public and private sectors to check the skills they have today are right to deliver the strategy in hand, and for the challenges ahead.

Business Simulations

Our approach is to use games that simulate a situation the company will face in the future. This could include the impact of significantly changing the sales model through to introducing major technical change.

The simulations we use in assessment centres give organisations a fair way to assess the skills their teams possess, including their approach to completing a task, through to how they would react to new situations.

There are numerous reasons to use simulations in an assessment centre:

  • It’s a very different approach to interviewing in which a person could perform well for an hour but not for months in role.Assessment Centre
  • It doesn’t assume someone is capable of a role in the future because they are good at what they do now. Especially true if the company is about to significantly change the operating model for example.
  • It gives those more reserved a chance to demonstrate skills and their potential to learn and develop as the day unfolds, showing their aptitude to learn new skills and adopt new behaviours.
  • It’s fair because, using a generic simulation provides a level playing field – just because someone does not exhibit the capability in the day job does not mean they do not have it. The approach to promotion is then also deemed fair.
  • It’s an excellent way to uncover ‘latent potential’ and check that people who haven’t had the same access to educational/learning options are not dismissed as incapable.
  • It’s positive. The right people progress. People who are not a good fit for the organisation leave knowing why, and what kind of organisation would suit them.

Contact us to learn more about how using a simulation within your assessment centre could help cement and uncover talent setting your organisation on the right course for the future.

If you are considering using an assessment centre or creating your own in-house centre this guide from the British Psychological Centre is a useful resource.